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Seward Alaska
Guided Shore Fishing

Seward Alaska - Walk, Hike &/or Shuttle There


Lowell Point:  There's a mile of good beach fishing on Lowell Point, sometimes South Beach has the action, then it will shift to the Miller's Landing area.  These fish are trying to "sense" the streams they came from, but the water temperature and amount of water in the streams is also critical.  Fish for silver, pink and chum salmon plus Dolly Varden from the beach, some winning Silvers have come from here.
Tonsina outflow, silver (coho) salmon, pink salmon, lots of fun fishing and berry pickingTonsina:   An easy hike from Millerís Landing and well worth it.  There is a good salmon stream with pink and chum salmon in it from late June through September.   There is also a picnic shelter area. In late June, July, August and September, there are salmon spawning in the stream.  You can fish from the beach here for salmon in late June through September for pink, chum and silver salmon as well as Dolly Varden (Arctic Char).  Silver salmon are caught here in late July and August, even though this is not their normal spawning grounds. If you hike-in our guide will meet you at Tonsina at a preset time, otherwise you and the guide water taxi to Tonsina and back.

  Shuttle-In Options:
Extras: $15/waders, $15/shuttle or use local taxi,
 $5/person access fee, extra lures, snag hooks, lunch or snacks.
Resurrection Bay at the River mouth:  Have Dolly Varden, Silver, Pink and Chum salmon, you always have action shore fishing here.  Easy access and lots of fun.  Suggest proper clothing, hip-boots or waders, and lunch packed in a backpack, we'll be fishing the incoming tide at times.
Resurrection River:  Here too we have Dolly Varden, Silver, Pink and Chum salmon - hook up a fly and go for them!  We know where the Fish and Game markers are in the river so we're always fishing legally.  Many of the salmon migrate up this river to the lakes and streams they were spawned in - they still have firm flesh and haven't changed color, good eating, canning and pickling meat.    Suggest proper clothing, hip-boots or waders, and lunch packed in a backpack.
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